A downloadable game for Windows

Two player split screen driving game based on the destruction derby styled genre. Playable only with game controllers. Game controls are supplied in the zip folder.

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Published32 days ago
TagsDestruction, Driving

Install instructions

Download zip and extract files


Destruction League.zip (14 MB)


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Another "RT accel game"... and controls can't be changed completely from Unity laucher :(

I'd love RStick to accel/decel. LT to look left, RT for the right, both to look behind. LB to Jump, RB to Boost, BackButton for cam, and OK for Y to flip.

Hey tito76, yeah RT to accelerate in games is fairly common now days. Maybe if it was more top down micro machine style then Right stick to accelerate would of been more appropriate.

Thank you for your feedback, in the future I will try to implement custom controls for driving games if I can.